March 2017

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"Who wouldn't fake art for fictitious characters is the city of Los Angeles?"

January 2016

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The "term" "fake art" comes from my the time I spent selling my art on the Venice Beach boardwalk in 2001. The story is below. Over the years, as I wrestled with myself about losing the name, it occurred to me that it would be cool to apply the idea of "fake art" to my rentals business as the characters who "own" my art on film and television productions are often (but not always, in the case of "reality" television) not real persons. So that's it. I get to "keep it real" as my artist friend Aaron Waugh used to say and not take "it" too seriously. Life is too short not to create!



July 2004

In November of 2001 I spent my first day on the Venice Beach Oceanfront Walk displaying my artwork for sale to the public. I was there at 7am and by 9am I was set up- 10 or so pieces of all sizes. Within 15 minutes of being set up I got my first comment.

My head is under my folding table pulling paints out to start painting when I hear in a kind of crazy loud gruff voice- "How you doin' with you fake art!" My eyes opened a little wider as I stick my head up over the table in time to see an older skinny woman in a sweatshirt and dirty pants, a shaved head and puffy face, staring out to sea and marching down the boardwalk passing the end of my set- up. She doesn't look at me, she keeps on walking and with in seconds is cursing the sky above the ocean; how she was the mayor of Venice and that she was going to have everyone arrested!

I'd seen her before- I think her name is Frankie- maybe a lot schizophrenic- and my feelings were hurt! I thought to myself that this was probably a good time to toughen up. A little later I though that her epitaph was actually kind of cool so I painted "Fake Art" on a sign and put it out. Within an hour or so some surfer said "Dude, it's Faux Fake Art" so I added "Faux" to the sign and then later "Real".

So does the name "Fake Art" hurt my art career? hmm...

I've sold over 150 pieces of art from the time I started and from the expressions of joy I've heard on occasion down at the beach, I could care less. The so called fake plastic people in this town are as real as the elastic cars and the plastic sunglasses and the plastic cards and the plastic cups as the so called "real" things I've seen on the planet- real sunsets, real food, real waves, real faces, whatever. "Fake it 'till you make it" is how I need to live sometimes...but that is why I make art. My friend Burt from New York, a visiting "street" artist came to my studio and told me the reason he liked my work was because it was so honest- so there you go. :) Humor might not sell art but it helps artists like me stay centered. Rule 42? I forget.

- David Hinnebusch

November 2013

I'm not sure when I wrote the above statement/ story. I just dated it 2004. Do I like the name fake art for my work still? I think so. Have I made progress since 2001? Yes. Am I happy about where I am today? Very. Was it the hat I had planned on wearing? No. Almost. Making a living doing art is tough, and I have yet to do it. I'm about to be 50 years old and my mother still cuts me a $1,000 to $2,000 dollar check every month out of her hard earned money- she works. So maybe I'm an ass hole and a fake ass artist. Maybe I'm just an ex- addict who's just changed addictions. This part I hate but I might as well tell the truth. I'm still hanging onto what I call "thinking- in- biography- mode": "Then there was that dark winter in a small room in Vermont, his art now broken into small pieces to fit into the trunk of his BMW he traded for art over ten years ago- traded for art.. when he got a text from...".

Well I have a kid now and he is the light of my life so as quickly as I can I will be pushing art making and art selling slowly off the stove completely and going to work for steady pay. Am I happy about it? Well, I haven't done it in years. But I will and I'm sure I will be OK with it. Am I going back into film production? No. Not in Vermont. Will I work at Star bucks?

So it's 2013, I'm not in L. A., not in NYC. I haven't made any paintings in at least a year. I have made art and I have sold art, but not enough. So that's it. I'm bitching but I am grateful for the fiends, the fur ends my friends and family who love me anyway. And my career isn't over by a long stretch. I just figured I'd check in and be honest- yes you can give me money- I'll give you 10-1 in Hinnebux. $10k would help, $10 would help! $20k would be amazing and $100k? well I'm only asking thinking you're sitting there wondering what the hell you're going to do with it all.. (I give patches for those kind of donations) (And no, no one in ten years of having this button on my page has ever donated me a dime.) I did do a kickstarter campaign that failed but it was cool trying! I'm not complaining here- just reporting for my own entertainment ;)

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I'm still eating pretty good btw, organic veggies and lots of refried beans and Starbucks and chocolate chip ice cream for a treat. And I still pretty much clock out by 8PM and watch a movie or BBC documentaries on Youtube.


- David Hinnebusch






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