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Painted in Vieux-Lévis Quebec Canada in 2010 (102 )

This group of was made from December 29- June 2010. All of the rectangular pieces are either acrylic or mixed media and imagery on wood. All were made while I was waiting for and celebrating after a very special addition to my family. About six months into my work, my girlfriend walked into my studio and began crying! I laughed at first thinking "Wow, she's really moved!" but I was told the work was so dark; she'd thought I was miserable. No! I just didn't have those paints and I told her to get me some bright colors and I would use them. My process is concerned less with planning and more with the spark of inspiration, even when most of my work takes months to complete. levis-press


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Disponible à la Galerie Art' Chipel dans le Vieux-Lévis Quebec:











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