Translux - Mixed media paintings made from imagery and re-purposed collage, drawings and silk-screen prints from various special times in the artist's past. From a scrap-book made when he was a child in Kenya, East Africa, to silk-screen prints made for his punk rock band Entropy and later from drawings made in art school and years later in his studio Hinnebusch goes to work in his usual fashion, peeling through the "stacks" with intense abandon. Also in the series are several special car art pieces small & huge inspired by, and incorporating photographs supplied by their owners.




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The ADJ Project 2015 $


more car pieces 2015 $



The Kenya Scrapbook 1971




Uni High "Re-Strikes" 1981



The Entropy Silkscreen Prints and Entropy Era Re- Strikes 1985

11 2 22 77 7 66 6 55 5 44 4 333 11 1 1




Rehab Art 1986





SMCDAA Drawings 1994- 1998



Studio Drawings and Art 2004-present


Homage to Bob Delmonte

*Size approximate (≈)


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