David Hinnebusch Art Trendsetters and Milestones

in the works as of May 2015

This page is the list of people who own my art and are my trendsetters; people who bought my work for the love of it.


1st Tier -- The Hinne100 "Project"

While this wasn't a project per-se, this painting became the list of my 1st 100 painting sales (over $100.) It also listed print sales and, because I was selling down on the Venice Beach Boardwalk (from 2001- 2004,) I listed where these people were from and what they did for a living.

If I can decipher the names of the photograph, or if I can get to it before I sell it to some museum of $1,000,000 (or more) I will list them here:

1. Nancy Levy

2. Neilah Meyers

3...to be continued


hinne100 Poster



2nd Tier -- The Hinne Gold Project

1. Derek L.

2. The Woman who lived on Paloma (won an emmy for something lived across from Derek)

3. Jeff H.

4. Greg and Jeannie

5. Mia

6. Jonathan Lee

7. The young couple from Russia

8. Wink Game

9. Lori S.

10. John


Abraham and Nicole

Jessica N.

Jennifer S.







3rd Tier -- The Hinne-Green Project






4th Tier -- The Hinne- Project Blue






5th Tier -- The Hinne-Orange Sun Project






2nd Tier -- The Hinne-X Project






Celebrity/ David Hinnebusch Art Psychic-Energy-Swap

(List of celebrities who have been in the same green rooms at numerous sound stages in Hollywood that presents my art :)

Ellen Degeneres
Ed O'Neil
Eugene Levy
Albert Brooks
Diane Keaton
Stan Lee
Robert Downe Jr.
Chris Hemsworth other Avengers
Terry Bradshaw
Henry Winkler
George Foreman
Bernard Hopkins
Max Kellerman
Melissa McCarthy
Tina Fey
Amy Poler
Ice Cube
Kevin Hart
Arnold Swarzenegger
Wil Smith
Aaron Paul
Kevin Smith
5 Seconds of Summer
Adam Corrola
Kristin Wiig
50 Cent Queen Latifah
Adam Sandler
Larry King
Aaron Rogers
Rampage Jackson
Alec Baldwin
Leeza Gibbons
Reggie Bush
Ann Hathaway
Lindsey Lohan
Alice Cooper
Ann Margaret
Liz Taylor
Alicia Keyes
Anthony Hopkins
Lloyd Bridges
Bernard Hopkins
Selena Gomez
Arnold Schwartznegger
Lorraine Neuman
Shawn Combs (P Diddy)
Arsenio Hall
Marissa Tomei
Black Eyed Peas
Snoop Dogg red-dot - had Momella 68 print in MTV show at Mr. Dogg's house in Diamond Bar
Ben Stiller
Marlon Brando
Blake Griffin
Steve Young
Betty White
Martin Sheen
Bruno Mars
Bill Rancic
Matt Damon
T. I.
Billy Crystal
Matthew Mcconaughey
Chris Brown
Taylor Swift
Bobby Lee
Maya Rudolph
Christina Aguellera
Terrell Owens
Bradley Cooper
Megan Fox
Dan Marino
Tito Ortiz
Bruce Willis
Meryl Streep
Dave Navarro
Tom Petty
Burt Reynolds
Michael Douglas
Demi Lovato
Buzz Aldrin
Oliver Stone
Donald Driver
Wiz Kalifa
Cameron Diaz
Oprah Winfrey
Carol Burnett
Paris Hilton
Dwayne Wade
Charlize Theron
Penny Marshal
Dwight Howard
Cloriss Leachman

President Bill Clinton red-dot Also passed by my artwork on Venice Beach in 2001 (Later a young man bought a print of my work and send me a picture of himself in a steward's uniform at the foot of Airforce One (assuming President Clinton was on it at the time ;)

Enrique Iglesias
Conan O'Brien
Raquel Welch
Floyd Mayweather
Danny Devito
Ray Romano
Gabby Douglas
Dom Deluis
Reese Witherspoon
Greg Lugannis
Drew Barrymore
Rene Russo
Gwen Stefani
Ed Asner
Robert Osborne
Ice Cube
Ellen Degenerous
Robin Williams
Iggy Azalea
Emma Stone
Russell Brandt
James Taylor
Ernest Borgnine
Ryan Reynolds
James Worthy
Gary Marshal
Sam Kennison
Janet Jackson
George Clooney
Samuel L Jackson
Joe Montana
Guillermo Del Torro
Seth McFarlane
John Foggerty
Harvey Korman
Seth Rogan
Justin Bieber
Heidi Klum
Steve Carel
Hillary Duff
Steve Martin
Ice Cube
Sydney Poitier
Idris Elba
The Kadashians
Kristi Yamaguchi
Jack Black
Tim Conway
Lawrence Taylor
James Franco
Tom Arnold
Lebron James
Jamie Fox
Tom Cruise
Lil John
Jason Bateman
Tom Hanks
Lil Wayne
Jay Leno
Tori Spelling
Jeff Bridges
Tracy Ullman
Magic Johnson
Jennifer Anniston
Vicki Carr
Manny Pacqiao
Jennifer Lopez
Vince Vaughn
Michael Jackson
Jimmy Kimmel
Wayans Brothers
Michael Strahan
Joe Montagna
Will Ferrell
Michael Vick
Joe Penney
William Shatner
Mickey Dolenz
John Carpenter
Zack Efron
Miley Cyrus
Jon Voight
Katie Morgan
Oscar De La Hoya








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