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cards and blocks c.1968


I was born August 2 1964 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, "LEO LEO RISING" in the year of the dragon etc.. JFK Fetal Syndrome, a steel town, grand pap's cigarette smoke. One year old moved to Musoma Tanzania East Africa sick on the trip stopped talking in Rome, then

DC3 air pressure baby ears..

Douglas DC-3, SE-CFP

from Nairobi,

1968 family with new sister moved to then smoggy now atmospherically challenged

Los Angeles California lead painted orange blue UCLA swimming pools sculpture gardens, then back to Africa one more year in 1971 Kenya and then back to West L.A. then Santa Monica then Malibu then Venice Beach California. Started painting in 1990 (and etc. since 1964). mix media drawing collage film photo, the figure for it's own sake mostly, deep roots in the adventure land of childhood memories; when living in Africa wrote children's books about orphans. Especially:



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MY EYE! by David Hinnebusch


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In 1973 had great and wonderful times at Paradise Cove trailer park in Malibu California and then on the nude beaches of 1974 Venice Beach California surf and sun baked breaking bottles in the Brooks alley dumpsters in a Rockford Files trailer in Paradise Cove frozen Grunion run fed the dogs, peanut butter and strawberry jelly with buttered toast sandwiches and Kraft Dinner and Dr. Pepper and Aspen Soda - our bed sanded sun burned tummies ouched in the cool eves.. Then in 1977 D&D in deed and kind a miracle seed world planted by Tolkein while still in Kenya sipping coffee at 8 (why I like 9) -tea at 3 exactly daily please triangle milo and orange fanta and romping in the jungle green snakes and a poisonous river 9 years later 1980 a geek; more Dungeons and Dragons teens age 16 then music! first electronics (Jean Michele Jarre and Mike Oldfield, Manheim Steamroller Tangerine Dreams and film music ) then THE BEATLES now and forever... In High School received some attention from teacher in art class but by then playing music- jazz Marathon Madness at the Odyssey Theater was a blockbuster now an IHOP with the alto saxophone which I traded in for a punk rock microphone in 1983. listened to punk rock music Crass, Dirt, Rudimentary Peni, The Neos, China White and Black Flag and The Germs on cassettes over and over and over then my own punk rock band Entropy. As for "art" I loved war comics as a kid and illustrative movie posters, books and if I got to choose an art type it would be Norman Rockwell and Thomas Hart Benton. After a personal crisis in 1990 I started painting and have been painting and drawing, making art full time from then until today. Also a film maker and writer every ten years.

IN the 21st Century I spent time in NYC (studio in Manhattan in 2013) and in Bali, Indonesia --- but need for L. A.'s special brand of cold is deep deep in bones- the air and sky- and even all the new make it or break it from New York "L.A. is so fake" faces are part of why i love home.. the Westside (and tons of other places in So.Cal too many to mention http://www.calgold.com R.I.P. Huell Howser...

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First Painting 1967

click to enlargeBrockton Avenue School mural for Los Angeles Airport c.1973


slide show sign

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just married

David's "Just Married" sign art c.1970

OK this is 1970 and by this time I am obsessed with type. Had I known then what I do now I might have become a type designer!




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