The American painter David Hinnebush, Los Angeles, California, became a citizen of Levis in recent months. He proceeded, on Saturday at the opening of his many works produced at his gallery in Lévis ArtSPAM Coast Passage.

David Hinnebusch is an artist well known in the American West. The painter, aged 45, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His artistic work has evolved greatly over the years. His works are exhibited in several European countries.

As a boy, he lived in Kenya where his father, linguistic researcher, went to take a professorship. David Hinnebusch remembers this particular time in his young life. "I was the only American child, I got along well with children in Africa, but European children teased me and called me" Yank "that," Yank "this."

He began his creative career by writing adventure books for children at the age of 8 years in Africa, as well as singing in a punk band from Los Angeles "Entropy" and then in 1990 he began using a camera to paint and to make a living.

Tables energetic

The exhibit in Levis entitled "The Trinity of artistic Muses: Painting in Wonderland California, produced Levis. It is an exploration of the spiritual and emotional impact of the creation. It presents his paintings as being energetic, very pronounced and drippings. A visit to his gallery confirms very impressive.

"Not being affiliated with a gallery in Quebec, I open my studio today hoping to share my works with the public and some personal reflections on artistic creation. I hope to be accepted in this fantastic area artists and art lovers, "said David Hinnebusch.

We can not ignore the reason that led the California Levis. He fell in love with a Quebecer who worked there, and now they have a baby they likely to have an influence on later work of Mr. Hinnebusch.

This gallery is not quite like others is located at 40 Côte du Passage, and can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 18h. To learn more visit www.fakeart.net.

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