A trip to wonderland California ... but Lévis, is what provides the artist David Hinnebusch, located in Old Lévis with her new little family for the last eight months.

By Marie-Michelle Gagné
mm.gagne @ journaldelevis.com

When you pass the 40 Coast Passage, it is almost impossible not to be attracted by what is inside these walls centenarians. From Pittsburgh to Tanzania via Kenya and Los Angeles, David, his girlfriend Melanie and their small Thibaud five months old now living in Lévis way since last November. "Levis is wonderful! We make the lives of tourists are now among us, it's unbelievable, "exclaimed Melanie Côté, spouse of David.

A visit to the studio ArtSPAM is an experience in itself with the exhibition "The Trinity of artistic Muses: Painting in Wonderland California. Colorful walls, bulging, images that speak for themselves and especially more than one hundred hours of work and creation of the Californian permeate the workshop which aims to learn French by bit. "I took classes at the Patro de Lévis, but since the arrival of our son, Thibaud, I took a break to power again in force very soon, because I really want to succeed in speaking French," s' entrusted with the artist in his native language.

From California to Lévis

Artist in the soul from a young age, David wrote his first book at age eight years when he lived in Kenya and Tanzania ... in Africa. Two years later, he left the continent to go on with life in Los Angeles, California. After writing several books of adventure for children, sang in a punk band in Los Angeles and discovered a passion for photography, he tried to make a living painting. What he does now since 1990.

In the months ahead, the goal is to successfully make themselves known to Levis, Quebec and Montreal. Although several of his paintings are now found everywhere in the world, he would like that in Quebec, artists and art lovers accept what he can deliver in this area he describes as "a region great artists and art lovers.

From Tuesday to Saturday, 40 Cote du Passage thus opens its doors to anyone who would like to see the creations of David Hinnesbusch and especially to all those who wish to experience a visual and historical uncommon.

Pictured: The painter David Hinnesbusch and his little boy of five months, Thibaud.

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