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The Art of David Hinnebusch

"Making Venice History"


Semi- Fine Art Gallery

February 21st 2013 5PM - 8PM



Semi-Fine Art Gallery 1118 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, Ca., 90291

First major Venice California exhibition of Hinnebusch Art in 2013

Spontaneous, uninhibited paintings expressing rapture and delight
"gratitude & being in the moment" through paintings and major awards (mannequins)

VENICE CALIFORNIA (February 9, 2013) -Compelling art made by emerging 21st -century American painter David Hinnebusch (1964-) of himself and his fictitious friends (some real! ) are the subject of the first exhibition and catalog of selected current works, available for sale.

Semi-Fine Art Gallery will present The Hinne-5000: 2013 Paintings by David Hinnebusch, which includes portraits of himself, his friends, and "the whimsical eccentric and beautiful landscapes that surround them." Through February 28, 2013, the exhibition features 17 paintings and 4 painted mannequins (major awards ala A Christmas Story) which convey the impulsive, expressionistic, and joyful energy embodied in the sensibilities and lifestyle of the Venice art community.

"(It) a delightful coincidence that I will have my poetry book fresh off the press for the event.. Venice is the backdrop of the psychic landscapes which inhibit most of my works, some of which were written for my punk band (Entropy) and the rest dashed out in a spiritually ecstatic trance in 1997." says Hinnebusch.. "I can't claim I'm a poet.. I would describe the sound of the work as what you might hear if you shake a broken Thermos half full of coffee while angrily thinking how you will still might manage to drink it!"

David Hinnebusch
Adapted from the Rena Kosnett interview for LAWeekly New People Issue 2008:

The artist's work has evolved over his 48 years with a special interest in the joy of creating. "Art encourages. It gives joy to the viewer!" Hinnebusch's father was a linguistics scholar and moved his wife and David from Pittsburgh to Tanzania, where David was born. On to Los Angeles, then to Kenya, and then finally accepting a professorship at UCLA, which landed the family back in the Los Angeles area. Hinnebusch recalls growing up in Africa with fondness. "I was the only American kid. I got along with the African children. " Traveling back and forth between the United States and Africa during the political tumult of the early '70s deeply developed David's artistic nature at a very green age. David started his creative career writing illustrated children's' adventure books at the age of 8 in while in Africa. When he began painting full time in 1990, his African influences were still prevalent. The angles, the colors, the forcefulness of his work, are all tinged with the Africa he knew which left such an indelible impression on his young psyche.

Exhibition Catalogue:

The Hinne-5000: 2013 Paintings by David Hinnebusch is a catalog with 240 pages of paintings made between 2003 and 2013, many in private collections; self published via Blurb books:

Cutting Down Your Poetry: and Rants in Your Pants fake poems & broken- glass- Thermos®- brain- noise for the 21stCentury will happen to be there as well inviting the ghosts of the BEAT Generation to try and knock it off the table while wrestling with the ghost of Abbot Kinney himself! ;)

Exhibition Tour:

The Hinne-5000: 2013 Paintings by David Hinnebusch and 25 of David's paintings will be traveling to New York City in late March and if you want to hear that story call the artist!

STUDIO PHONE 1-424-235-5338


We are pleased to host this exhibition of David's special portraits and major awards. From the many stories he tells, growing up in Africa and now expressing himself in that uniquely artistic environment which is Venice Beach, he has finally found his spiritual home within his art and we are honored to showcase the stunning results.

Daily 11am-7pm 11
Admission: FREE





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