WALL HALL #9 September 2004

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by David Hinnebusch and Bert Esenherz

ARTIST RECEPTION September 16 2004 8PM, 7000 Melrose Ave. 1blk East of La Brea

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"Wall Hall: Contemporary Art Does Not Exist"

On Thursday September 16 2004 at 5pm Telestar International presents WALL HALL, the culmination of four weeks for continuous painting by artists Bert Hewener- Esenherz and David Hinnebusch. On Sunday September 19th 2004 a film documenting the four weeks and reception which will include live performances of music, film, food and fashion by special guests will be shown. The remaining un-sold work will then be destroyed. The only witness left will be the documentary film "Wall Hall."

Start of the project:
August 23rd 2004
Opening reception:
September 16th 2004 8 PM- 11PM
Closing show:
September 19th 2004
9PM- 10PM

Wall Hall is an art project
. The purpose is for audience to visualize the definition of ART. Since 1993, Bert Hewener- Esenherz has continued to fight the term of contemporary art”.

"The progressive process by itself in order to express the momentary thought or feeling in a most unique manner is art." (Esenherz 1993)

If his claimed definition of ART is correct, then the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) needs to change their name to Museum of the Contemporary Witness of Art (MOTCWOA). The WALL HALL is a performance where a collaboration of artists shows the process of art. The produced artwork builds the illusion of a complex installation. The daily progress of the work and all connected stories will be captured on video. The Wall Hall project found first recognition in Berlin 1994, Zuerich in 1995, London 1995, Amsterdam 1996, Stuttgart 1997, New York 1998, Brooklyn 1999/ 2000 and in Los Angeles in 2002.

Bert Hewener-Esenherz is a Berlin born New York painter and filmmaker. He graduated visual arts at the Academy of Muenster in 1992. His paintings and movies are entirely dedicated to the expression of daily live in urban invireoment of Brooklyn and Manhattan. In 2001 Bert walked a large painting (7x5 ft) from New York to Denver, Co. He covered a distance 0f 2023 miles in 93 days. The purpose of his journey was to help people discover the artist within themselves, as well as, to support local artists throughout the country. His paintings are in collections of people in the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, China, Australia, Germany, Spain, UK, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Israel and Lybia.

David Hinnebusch, born in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1964, moved from Tanzania, East Africa to Los Angeles in 1968 and except for living in East Africa an additional year in 1970, has lived and worked on the West-side of Los Angeles since. A creator from childhood, Hinnebusch has made music, film, books, now a clothing line and in the last ten years a huge body of paintings which recently have found their way into the collections of people and non- people internationally. Through showing and selling on Oceanfront Walk in Venice, California, Hinnebusch continues to follow his own path making art and has been rewarded handsomely for the effort. As for Wall Hall "I'm very excited to go paint with Bert- he's a real New York artist - I guess I'll be serving Hinnebiscuits at Wall Hall."







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