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New Artwork July 2015

Hfilms Art Posters

"Hfilms" Art Posters



Hinnebux Art Certificates


new smaller artworks june 2015

New Smaller Paintings June 2015



Stencil Art (Not for sale)



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Yelp Sponsored Exhibit - Made Inn Vermont - May 2015





New Book May 2015

New painting made in Palm Springs, California, April 5, 2015

Delorean painting by David Hinnebuschred-dot

DeLorean 60 x 72 in. acrylic on canvas (click here to watch it being made)





Art made in Malibu, California

chew chew

"Chew Chew" 48 x 48 in. acrylic on canvas



blue's wave

Blue Wave 52 x 53 in. acrylic and mixed media on mailbag canvas and wood


imnot sure

I'm Not Sure He Knows How Good He Is 48 x 48 in. mixed media on imagery and paper

price: $100,000 - $220,000


The artwork below is on display at Made Inn Vermont Reception May 21 2015

Art made in Quebec, Canada


Top Tuley 48 x 33 in. (rough) acrylic on wood



Rock It 48 x 33 in. (rough) acrylic on wood



The Great Carnival Race 48 x 56 in. (rough) acrylic on wood

price: $80,000 - $100,000




Art made in Kenya and California 1971- 2015

Selections from "Translux - Collage, Drawing and Painting"


top: $3,000

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